System 800xA offers flexible and modular I/O solutions through fieldbus technologies and hardwired I/O systems like S800 and S900. The system is now enhanced with S800 on Ethernet.

MTU for Ethernet FCI (S800 I/O). Ethernet Fieldbus Communication Interface Module Termination Unit for connection of single or redundant S800 I/O. Supports single or redundant Ethernet Fieldbus Communication Interface Module, single or redundant Ethernet Adapter.

Features and benefits

  • Two mounting slots for connecting single/redundant CI845 FCI modules
  • Two mounting slots for connecting single/redundant Ethernet Adapters
  • Two connectors for connecting single/redundant 24 V power supplies
  • Two Modulebus connectors for connecting the I/O cluster (only S800 I/O modules can be connected)
  • Mountable on a 35 mm DIN rail
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