System 800xA offers flexible and modular I/O solutions through fieldbus technologies and hardwired I/O systems like S800 and S900. The system is now enhanced with Select I/O that allows to condition each signal coming from the field individually. Select I/O is Ethernet connected and consist of single channel granular Signal Conditioning Modules (SCM).

TUS810 is the MTU for the I/O unit. Together with a GIO and up to 16 SCMs with FTBs, it implements an I/O unit.
The local I/O bus (Modulebus) distributes communication, system power and field power to the I/O modules (GIO and SCM). The power is distributed in the back plane. For high voltage and high current channels, the field power has to be supplied from the PTB. There is coding on the FTB designed for the SCM so that, if an SCM is replaced, only the same type of SCM can be inserted. This coding is self-learning, i.e. it is set the first time the SCM is inserted. To insert another type, the coding has to be reset manually. The MTU has a coding for the GIO, so that it can only be replaced with the same type of GIO. TUS810 cannot be replaced with power applied.

The Select I/O Module Termination Unit TUS810K01 includes 1ps TUS810, 16ps FTB810 Field Terminal Blocks, 2ps PTB810 Power Injection Terminal Blocks and 1ps TUC810 Terminal Cover. Mounting on vertical DIN-rail.

Features and benefits

• Two slots for connection of Generic I/O modules (GIO).
• 16 slots for connection of Signal Conditioning Modules (SCM).
• Two slots for connection of Power Terminal Blocks (PTB), external 24V supply.
• Two Modulebus connectors, one in and one out.
• One slot for connection of a grounding bar (GTB).
• DIN rail mounted. 2 locking devices to lock the MTU to the DIN rail.
• Slots for screw lugs (optional, for harsh high vibration environment).
• Can be used in hazardous areas.



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