Controllers - AC 800MSM811 (for PM865) Classic

The prime function of SM811, is to provide intelligent supervision of a controller during non-SIL and SIL1-2 operations, and together with a PM865 form a 1oo2 diverse structure for SIL3 applications.

For high availability applications it is possible to have redundant SM811´s that work together with any of the two redundant CPUs. SM811 has a dedicated synchronization link to synchronize active and redundant SM for hot-insert and online upgrade. It is needed during hot-insert and online upgrade situations to copy data between two SM811s in a redundant setup.

The SM811 has a connector with three digital inputs and two digital outputs that can be used for safety-related digital I/O (not process I/O).

Features and benefits

  • MPC862P Microprocessor running at 96 Mhz
  • 32 MB RAM
  • Provides supervision of the PM865 controller during SIL1-2 operations and together with the PM865 forms a 1oo2 diverse architecture for SIL3 applications
  • Over voltage monitoring
  • Internal voltage monitoring
  • Supports hot swap
  • Supports redundancy
  • SM Link for synchronization of redundant pair