This module has 8 digital inputs. The input voltage range is 11.8 - 60 V d.c. and the input current is 1.6 mA at 24 V d.c., (3.2 mA at 48 V d.c.). Every input channel consists of current limiting components, EMC protection components, input state indication LED and optical isolation barrier. The sensor power supply supervision gives an error signal if the voltage disappears, and the Warning LED turns on. The error signal can be read through the ModuleBus.

Features and benefits

  • 8 channels for 24/48 V d.c. inputs with current sinking
  • Input status indicators
  • Sequence of event (SOE) functionality
  • External 24 or 48 V d.c. sensor power supply
  • Internal 48 V d.c. sensor power supply
  • Short circuit protection to ground and 48 Volt
  • Channel supervision
  • Sensor power supply supervision
  • Shutter filter